Dive trips in Mexico

  • Diving + Xcaret

    Diving + Xcaret

    Tour Xcaret Plus + Diving in Cenotes 230 USD

  • Diving + Tours Deals

    Diving + Tours Deals

  • TDI Technical Courses in Mexico

    TDI Technical Courses in Mexico

    Free Accommodation Adv Nitrox Diver TDI Deco Procedures TDI 1600 USD

  • Sidemount and Cavern Courses

    Sidemount and Cavern Courses

    Sidemount and Cavern Courses 950 USD

  • Diving and Selvatica

    Diving and Selvatica

    5 days - 609 USD Diving in cenotes Diving in the sea Park Selvatica

  • Cavern Course Package Deal

    Cavern Course Package Deal

    Playa Del Carmen Cavern Course and hotel for 700 USD

  • Dive Deal - RIU Lupita + diving

    Dive Deal - RIU Lupita + diving

    Playa Del Carmen Diving + hotel = 1170 USD RIU Lupita 4* Mar - Nov 2018

  • Dive New Year in Mexico

    Dive New Year in Mexico

    Playa Del Carmen Save 35% on room rates Los Golondrinas 4* BB New Year 2018

  • All Inclusive Dive Deal

    All Inclusive Dive Deal

    Playa Del Carmen Save 34% on room rates Iberostar Quetzal August 2018

  • Dive Deal

    Dive Deal

    Playa Del Carmen Save 350 USD The Palm at Playa 4* January 2018

Underwater World - is the element that is not fully discovered by the man even today. After decades of constant searches and exploring, it, just like space, revealed only a tiny piece of the mystery, allowing us to enjoy its charms, but so many secrets are still left in the shadows. These secrets combined with the beauty of the underwater world is what makes people today plunge into the greatness of the oceans and seas, just for a moment to touch one of the biggest mysteries of the world - the underwater life!

Dive trips - is an opportunity to feel yourself like Jacques Yves Cousteau for a few days - the greatest explorer who gave us the opportunity to see firsthand the depths of the sea and inventing of the “Aqua-lung”. Today, dive trips, one of the most popular tourist attractions, not only will give you a sea of emotions, but also priceless experience of scuba diving and the "communication" with the ocean inhabitants.

Today they are two most popular types of dive trips:

- Dive-Safari;

- Daily-Diving.

The Daily-Diving trips include hotel accommodation. You will be picked up, driven to the Diving Center or the dive boat and back to the hotel for the night.

Dive-Safari - a tour, during which, all divers spend time on equipped boats (dive boats), constantly moving in a certain area. This allows to dive every time in a new location, depending on weather conditions, the way and speed of currents, water clarity and other factors. The Dive-Safari usually goes for 1-2 weeks.

Dive-Safari – is a unique opportunity to experience the magic underwater world, hidden from prying eyes. Maldives, Fiji, the Philippines, and many other popular tourist places that are perfect for scuba diving. Nevertheless, everyone's favorite place for diving is the Red Sea in Egypt, known as the most interesting underwater fauna with charming and beautiful coral world.

We offer you to visit different corners of the planet. You can select group Dive-Safari in Egypt, Maldives, the Philippines led by a guide-instructor Dmitry Nazar or individual Diving Tours to Egypt, Fiji. Regardless of the location and type of travel, you get a lot of experience and will for sure become a raging fan of this amazing vacation!

Author: Dmitriy Nazar