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  • Rio Lagartos and the ancient Mayan city of Ek Balam

    During this tour we visit the Rio Lagartos Reserve – a place known by the colony of pink flamingos that lives all year round in this territory. Most of them come here in summer during the breeding season. At this time a large group of birds almost completely cover the lagoon which makes it look […]

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  • The ancient Mayan cities of Tulum and Koba

    During this excursion we will visit two archaeological zones located near the Riviera Maya. The picturesque “city of dawn” Tulum, located on the rocks on the shore of the turquoise Caribbean Sea and lost in the wild jungle of Yucatan, the Maya city of Koba. The settlement of Koba at one time was one of […]

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  • Chichen Itza – Valladolid – Ek Balam

    On this day we will visit two archaeological zones – one of them is the very famous and popular Chichen Itza. The second one was opened just a few years ago for tourists and located in the town of Ek Balam. Both archaeological zones are located in the state of Yucatan, an hour drive from […]

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  • Chichen Itza – Ik Kil – Valladolid

    During this tour we will visit the most famous archeological site in Mexico. Chichen Itza is included in the New Seven Wonders of The World along with Egypt pyramids and Taj Mahal. Chichen is famous for its Pyramid of Kukulcan where twice a year, the Serpent God’s shadow walks its steps. Here is also the […]

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