Dive center in Mexico

Dive Shop Mexico - Dive Center in Playa del Carmen

A perfect getaway – when you go on vacation and still feel like home. When everything is organized by a professional and caring team of people that by the end of the trip become real friends. When the entire program is thoughtfully planned out and all the small details are taken care of. But, unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t go as smoothly as we expect - the language barrier, foreign culture and not knowing the area can seriously ruin even perfectly planned vacation. Diving in Mexico is not exception...But don’t get discouraged! - our team will take care of all the things for you anywhere you go so you can spend more time enjoying your vacation! Diving center in Mexico - your ticket to the wonderful underwater world and so much more!

So, what do we offer our clients? First, the Dive-Center in Mexico - place where you can find many soul mates no matter what language you speak. Employees and clients of the Dive-Center in Mexico are very responsive and friendly people. So any challenges or problems are usually taken care of on the spot. But most importantly, all members are raving fans of diving, which automatically makes it a common ground for everyone.

What else will you get from the Dive-Center in Mexico besides warm welcome, knowledge and advices regarding all the blessings of this country? Of course, being professionals we can’t stay on the sidelines if you are interested in the following services:

Organizing diving in Mexico (after all, that’s why you come here, not just for tequila, right?)

Underwater hunting and fishing in Mexico, without these activities vacation in Mexico is just chilling at the coast;

East and West coast diving in Mexico, as well as diving in the Cenotes;

PADI System Dive Classes for both beginners and experienced divers;

In addition, we offer classes for free-divers and underwater hunters, all you need to have a big catch;

Snorkeling with whale sharks, sea devils (mantas) and sailfish, diving with bull sharks and other local water creatures;

Our Dive-Center in Mexico also organizes dive trips to Belize and Dive-Safaris at Socorro and Cortez Sea;

Diving near the Cozumel and Xcalak Islands - the most colorful places in Mexico;

Obviously, our Dive-Center in Mexico can’t leave you without a historic tour, whether it’s a birthplace of Sombreros or other countries around. The plan, route and destinations are discussed individually.

And this is just an outline. In fact, the range of activities in the Dive-Center in Mexico is way broader. It’s worth mentioning that our team while traveling the world searching for new dive sites, has gained tremendous experience not only in diving - many of us speak English, Spanish and many other languages. So in our Dive-Center in Mexico there is no communication problem, whether with clients or the locals, it just doesn’t exist here. Plus, staying in the country for so long allowed us to master the local tourism business to a T.

In addition, the Dive-Center in Mexico has a diving store where you can get all the necessary equipment hassle-free. Over the years, we’ve acquired enough practical knowledge to understand what equipment is most effective for any types of diving, so far as pricing here we’re very conservative. You can even leave your rigs overnight to dry off in our store if needed. And yes, cylinder refill is also a piece of cake – we have all kinds of gas for technical diving. To make sure our guests feel comfortable and confident about diving, we have created dive theory classes where you can learn in a very relaxed and friendly manner!

Of course, there are many different dive-centers in Mexico to choose from and in this world of competition we always work hard to make sure we’re staying on top of the game to bring you the best experience. Takeaway – why we are the best at what we do and why you should vacation with us?

First and foremost, experienced multi-language speaking staff, true experts at the diving world and tourism business. Secondly, we are 100% dedicated to provide you with a high end vacation, organizing and planning the program from A to Z. Knowing not everyone had a chance or time to visit this beautiful country we will help you find a decent transfer, a good hotel and all the necessary equipment. We’ve seen many options and have something to compare to, so we’ll never recommend you a poor hotel. And since we know all local attractions and sites we will make your vacation diverse and interesting, the way any client wishes.

Anyway, reach out to us by contacting our Dive-Center, and you will know exactly what authentic, quality and unforgettable diving in Mexico is!