TDI Intro to Cave Diver

This course is a door opener in studying cave diving, advancing your existing skills and learning additional techniques – everything you need for every day simple cave diving.

Admission Requirements

  • 18 years old or 15 years old with parental consent
  • Caver Diver TDI Certificate or its equivalent with other training systems (PADI, IANTD, NACD, NSS-CDS, CDAA, CDG)

Course Description

Diving in underground caverns, under ice or inside drown ships, implies no possibility of direct, safe ascent to the surface because of that physical "ceiling". What makes cave diving so special is the need to return to the point of "entry-exit" and complete darkness. These special features require special cave diving training. The learning process is made up of 4 dives that put more focus on line orientation, various methods of communication and security procedures.

What does it all mean for me?

Once successfully completed you will receive a certification card TDI - Introductory Cave Diver, which will allow you to perform a cave diving, that is limited to simple direct swim and does not require decompression. Maximum depth – 130 feet, the minimum visibility - 32 feet. You will also have a chance to further your education with a Full Cave Diver TDI course.

Price includes:

  • all equipment, tanks and weights
  • certifications fees
  • hotel pickup and drop-off (only from hotels in Playa Del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras)
  • bottled water and snacks
  • all taxes and entranse fees

2 day course - 590 USD