Club trips

Club trips are designed for Diversland’s customers. Each and every club trip is an incredible journey, which includes both diving in the most beautiful places along the route, and excursions, car trips, peaceful evenings by campfires in most picturesque places and much more. One thing is certain – you will greatly enjoy this journey and create lifelong memories on it!

The program often includes several countries, such as the US and Mexico, so that in just one trip you will see so much interesting, that upon return you will be able to update your profile picture every day for a year! There is diving with whales, there are canyons and huge redwoods, there are wonderful broad highways along the coast, and all of this is while also having an incredible gastronomic tour.

You do not need to worry about any organizational issues, our team will help you with everything. Whether it’s visas or the choice of a suitable restaurant for dinner. You just enjoy an incredibly exciting and busy journey in the company of people that share your interests and hobbies. This kind of trip pulls people together and unites participants so much, that even after many months, and perhaps even years, you will keep in touch with other travelers and share impressions.

In addition, you are not tied to the group and can independently adjust your travel! This creates an incredible sense of freedom and ease about what is happening, while removing all the unpleasant moments of waiting that are often present in group excursions. If you still in doubt about how awesome such trip can be, just read the reviews on TripAdvisor and all your doubts will disappear!

Club trips are suitable for single travelers, couples and even families! If not everyone among your fellow travelers has diving certificate, they still would not be left out. While you enjoy your dive, your company can take part in fascinating events, specially organized for them to perfectly brighten up the waiting. And, at any rate, club trips are not limited to diving, as we already mentioned above, a very rich program will not leave indifferent even the most demanding tourist!