Scuba diving courses PADI and TDI

It is, after all, difficult to make a decision to “dive into the problem all the way”, but a long-standing problem, that haunts and does not give rest to the entire conscious life – to explore the inhabitants of a coral reef, swim with sharks or giant turtles, touch the unusual skin of a dolphin, or scare away a flock of bright yellow fish and, if you’re lucky, to look at the moray eels.

Overcoming all doubts and fears, you finally decided to attend PADI courses, which will soon help bring the dream closer to reality. The first dive is not just diving from the side of the pool or getting a shell from the bottom of the lake, this is immersion with the ability to breathe underwater and a feeling of incredible charm in the sensations of free flight, weightlessness of one’s own body and immense pleasure from touching the World Ocean – a special world that is only open to the free and courageous.

Before and during your first dive, which is also your first exciting step in understanding the mysteries of the sea from a new perspective, you will learn how to use basic scuba gear, including a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device and a tank and a number of other skills. This dive counts towards your Open Water Diver PADI certification, should you choose to continue training.

Diving courses can be started in open water or in a swimming pool, whichever better suits your temperament, wishes or, sometimes, weather conditions. Experienced instructors will help on your trial descent with scuba equipment and you will take your first unforgettable breath under water. This first dive will likely determine your decision about going all the way in and choosing at least one of the many scuba diving courses to complete.

Which is why the choice of the first instructor is very important. Having an instructor that makes you feel safe and confident, teaches you all the basic knowledge you need in a fun easy going way and advising the most beautiful and comfortable places for the first dive is how your “first time” becomes the fulfillment of your cherished dream.

Let an experienced PADI instructor, Dmitry Nazar, who knows all the local dive sites perfectly, introduce you to the mysteries of the fascinating underwater world!