Excursions in Mexico

Here, at Diversland, we are most dedicated to the success of your scuba diving and snorkeling adventures. We offer Cozumel diving tours, we have the best snorkeling tours in Cancun and also Playa del Carmen tours and much more. But we do not stop at just offering diving tours and snorkeling tours!

The Diversland team also provides their clients with all kinds of excursions in Mexico for every taste. With us you can travel Rio Secreto, which means Secret River, – an underground river connecting system of caves, enjoy magnificent stalactites and stalagmites, learn the history of discoveries and formations of caves. If you are interested in the rich cultural and historical heritage of Mexico, we offer sightseeing tours to various cities, museum visits, nature preserves and ancient cities and we even have tours where you can learn how the real tequila is made!

There is a lot of exciting opportunities for the fans of extreme travel. We invite you to ride an awesome off-road vehicle Polaris Ace in the jungle; fly high above the ground through the jungle on the world famous zipline Selvatica 12 Zip Line Circuit; have a day full of fun adventures, surrounded by incredible underground formations like cenotes, caves and rivers the XPLOR park; or make a leap to bungee-jump in the Ventura amusement park, that offers 6 worlds of stimulating, fun-filled activities.

One thing we can promise – when you go on a tour with us, you will experience unforgettable moments and create lifelong memories in Mexico!

For more information about tours and excursions in Mexico, you can get a full and detailed consultation from the members of our team, which you can see a little higher on this page. Feel free to contact any of them through social networks or via e-mail and you will always receive an answers to your questions.