Special offers

In this section we gather all the best offers for our customers. There are some for everyone – experienced divers, snorkelers or tourists, craving more traditional excursions.

Whether it’s diving with sharks, cave diving or various tours around Mexico, in this section you will always find special prices or additional services, that are normally not included in regular offers, completely free! We also will usually have proposals for specific dates, when hotels or airlines make incredible discounts on their services, to go together with the diving special offers. So you can save handsomely in many different ways and get a full package of unforgettable emotions.

For example, if you choose to fly to Mexico in a low tourist season, which is usually in winter, you can not only get cheaper flight tickets, cheaper accommodation and better prices for all tourist services, but you will also enjoy all the delights of this amazing country without a huge crowd of tourists, which can be important and very well worth it! You can climb the Mayan pyramids in peace, swim in crystal clear cenotes without high accumulation of divers, or snorkel over the underwater museum MUSA and a coral reef not being one of the big crowd of such snorkelers!

Simply speaking, we are pretty sure that you will totally like this section, because who doesn’t like to take the absolute maximum from what life has to offer?! And if you do not want to miss out on our scuba diving specials and other amazing offers, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter to always stay up to date on our innovations and unique promotions. We also recommend to subscribe and follow us on social media, as there will be rallies and additional campaigns held periodically for subscribers exclusively. Special offers are great for those only deciding to make a leap and dive in Mexico with us for the first time, as well as for our returning customers, who will enjoy additional benefits and discounts through our loyalty system on top of already incredible deals!

Do not miss the best diving offers from Diversland and get a sea of ​​emotions from diving in the Caribbean, snorkeling and exploring wonderful Mexico!

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