Diving with Bull Sharks in Mexico

Diving with Bull Sharks in Mexico

Sharks are magnificent. Even those who never saw a real shark will agree with this statement. As matter of fact, not every diver with experience had an honor to meet with the legendary predator. Fortunately for underwater admirers there are fantastic safe shark shows in different parts of the world. And as you might have already guessed a diving with bull sharks in Mexico tour is one of them.

But first, let’s talk about the center of attention – a bull shark. Unlike other sharks it has much larger size, sometimes as long as 13 feet. This unique creature can live in fresh water and travel thousands of miles down the Amazon River. The name bull it got due to its blunt face shape and aggressive, stubborn behavior. Bull shark – like a Pit bull in the fish kingdom: powerful, perfectly adapted to the attacks and, of course, dangerous. But don’t be afraid, it’s easy to avoid any problems if you take certain precautions.

The bull shark diving – is one of the most spectacular show for divers to participate in. First, this is not just swimming, and watching. You will have an opportunity to feed those bull sharks. Secondly, the sharks are not in a cage. Now, how is it that divers avoid any shark attacks while hand feeding the sharks?

Here’s the secret. Divers descend about 65 feet deep in a large group. At the bottom they need to line up along the cable so there’s no gap between the shoulders. When this happens the shark begins to perceive the group as a whole large object to interact with.

Feeding sharks is performed by an experienced instructor, dressed in protective suit. Sharks are quite picky when it comes to eating, they start eating slowly, first just floating around the bush and then they start taking the food out the hands. During this time, all divers have an opportunity to observe the sharks and their habits. . Sometimes, the “bulls” let their aggression out and start fighting over the lure. Imagine feeling frozen, excited and horrified at the same time even though sharks are not interested in divers so any incidents are ruled out.

Feeding the bull shark in Mexico has been one of the divers’ favorite tour for many years in Yucatan Peninsula, in the place of Playa del Carmen. The feeling after participating in a shark feeding is hard to describe. But what’s for sure is the fact that no one is left unemotional. We highly recommend you to join us so we could share these unforgettable experiences together!

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