Almost all restaurants, cafes and shops accept international plastic cards. Exceptions are street vendors.

In large supermarkets it’s more convenient to make purchases with US dollars. But keep in mind that the bill must be no more than twice the cost of the purchase. In other places it’s more beneficial to pay in pesos.

We do not recommend exchanging dollars right at the airport, you will find a better rate in the city. There are small exchange offices around almost every hotel.

In restaurants, a general rule is to give 10% – 15%. For bellman it’s usually 1 – 2 USD. Housekeepers usually get 1 USD a day that you can leave on the bed. When leaving a hotel you may give more, around 10 – 20 USD depending on the hotel. In large supermarkets, it’s normal to leave about 5 pesos to a bagger. Do not forget to tip tourist guides and drivers.

In North America, gratuity is the main income source in any service industry, so if you want to get good service, do not forget about it.

No, it is not dangerous. Traffic is pretty quiet, roads are decent. All rental cars have special numbers on them so that other drivers are able to see that you are a tourist and they are usually very friendly to you, letting you go with minor violations.

Most restaurants in resort areas are adapted for tourists, but even somewhere in the suburbs there is not a lot of spicy dishes. The spiciest sauces are usually the ones that sit in the center, be careful with them.

You are welcome to bring your own, but we have equipment available for rent as well.