Dmitriy Nazar

The inspiration of our team

It only takes one day to transform an entire life. This is exactly what happened to Dmitry Nazar on his holidays when he first tried scuba diving. It was an experience that changed his view of the world. After that, he decided to dedicate his life to the sea.

In 2004, Dmitry Nazar began to take a serious interest in scuba diving. The following year, he studied and passed all the certifications to become a diving instructor. Following this, he chose to leave his hometown to live near the sea to develop his knowledge and gain experience in the diving industry. A year later, Dmitry created Diversland.

Now living permanently in Playa del Carmen and speaking Spanish, he will advise you on the choice of courses, the hotel to choose, the best fish or meat, the places to go for fun after the dives.

He has dived more than 6,000 times around the world. He knows the most beautiful and interesting places in the different seas of the world. Diving for Dmitry is the extreme and indescribable beauty of the silent ocean, where strict order reigns and no one has the right to break it.

Dmitriy Nazar Dmitriy Nazar