Diving in Mexico: friend among his own!

Diving in Mexico ... - how many mysterious, intriguing and interesting things these words promise for those who decided to associate their vacation with this truly extraordinary country full of natural beauties and man-made attractions! But how to make sure the journey goes at the highest level, and nothing ruins it in the process? We have a decent answer to this tough question!

Would you agree that after arriving in a distant overseas land for a long-expected vacation, we all wish to be warmly welcomed, well fed and watered, warmed up and not mugged if possible? Or even better, imagine if all this was done in one convenient place, managed by people that speak our native language. Otherwise, the colorful vacation time can be "stained" due to language barriers and poor vacation program, as well as more serious troubles - dangerous dark alleys, you know, there is enough of them anywhere you travel! Again, knowing, which granny has the freshest pies in the alley and did not bark in the previous life, and in which part of the beach a sewage pipe has just burst, never hurts. Especially for us, who choose diving in Mexico.

Diving in Mexico: a truly integrated approach!

Well, we digressed a little from the main subject, which is our Russian Dive Center in Mexico that fulfills all of the requirements discussed above. As you might have already guessed, the location of the friendly place of tequila and sombreros – Mexico, diving in which has significantly gained traction among divers over the past few years, making the country one of the diving capitals of the world.

Here you will find a truly integrated approach and a "full immersion" in all imaginable and unimaginable delights of the country. After all, for experienced divers diving in Mexico - is:

Fabulous immersion into the world famous underwater caves – Cenote

Friendly Snorkeling visits to a Sailfish, Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and other remarkable creatures

Unforgettable diving in the Sea of Cortez and Xcalak

Exploring the underwater world of the legendary lake Socorro

Mysterious Belize and so much more

Also, for those brave souls who are just starting to look into the underwater world, our Dive Center in Mexico offers training courses and dive classes conducted by professional experts that are certified internationally. The point is, Mexico's diving won’t leave anyone disappointed – vacation that every person will remember for a long time!

By the way, diving is not the only thing that keeps Russian Dive Center in Mexico alive and so popular. Since, we promised you a "full course lunch", let us tuck a napkin in! It doesn’t really makes sense to go to Mexico for less than a week or two, due to an abundance of "Tourist Meccas", whose history has marched across more than one millennium! Heard of Maya? It's time to see their incredible heritage! Yucatan, Chichen Itza, Copper Canyon, Tenochtitlan, Popocatepetl, Teotihuacan, Palenque, Isla Mujeres and so many other places that have been perpetuated in the geography and history books.

Bottom line: all you have to do is make yourself comfortable in an airplane seat and arrive in the "Maya-promise land" where unbelievable diving in Mexico will be waiting for you. Transfer from the airport and back, accommodation in comfortable hotels and villas, more than intensive underwater and ground recreational program and so much more will be provided for you by the Russian Dive Center in Mexico! And while you're embarking on a new adventure, we’ll fill up oxygen tanks and put some old good tequila to cool off in the freezer.